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Sharon Kay Penman
News from Sharon Kay Penman January 2013

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Sharon Kay Penman

Dear Readers,

I have some news to report. First, Lionheart has now been published in paperback both in the US and the UK. My American publisher, Ballantine, brought it out on January 1st and my British publisher, Macmillan, published it on January 3rd, where it has made historical fiction bestseller lists at Waterstone’s and Blackwell’s. The kindle version is currently on Amazon UK’s biographical and war bestseller lists; I suspect Richard would be delighted to make a war list! This is one of those rare times when I am equally enthusiastic about all four of the Lionheart jacket covers, hardback and paperback. Macmillan has already done a Lionheart book giveaway on Goodreads for my British readers. And I’ll do a book giveaway for both editions on my blog in the near future.

I am working very diligently upon the sequel to Lionheart, A King’s Ransom. The descriptive term was “desperately” just a few weeks ago, for I did not see how I could meet the deadline even if I gave up sleeping. But my wonderful editor and publisher agreed to give me a few more months. This will mean that Ransom will most likely not be published until 2014 instead of the autumn of 2013. The book will benefit from the extra time, though, and this also means I will not have to enter the Witness Protection Program. One of the many things I value about my readers is that you all understand how important the research is for one of my novels, and that this research can be very time-consuming.

My British publisher, Macmillan, gave me an early Christmas present when they decided that they will bring out a hardback edition of The Sunne in Splendour.. It has been thirty years since Sunne first saw the light of day, and it is very rare for books to get a rebirth like this. They have set a pub date of September 16th, 2013, and they will publish a new paperback edition of Sunne in 2014, possibly in conjunction with the publication of A King’s Ransom.

Our Eleanor of Aquitaine tour last year was so successful and so much fun that I agreed to do another one in 2013. But then we learned that the Abbaye Royale Hotel on the grounds of Fontevrault Abbey will be closed for renovations. We felt a stay at the abbey was so integral to the tour that we have decided to postpone the Eleanor tour until late spring or early summer of 2014 after the hotel reopens. The travel agency wanted me to do a tour next year, though, so we decided to do a Richard III tour, visiting those places most closely connected to Richard. Much to our surprise, it sold out just two days after I posted about it on my blog and Facebook. But it will not take place until September, so it is certainly possible that some of those who signed up may not be able to go, after all. Here is the link for those of you interested in the Ricardian tour; I would suggest that you ask to have your name placed on the waiting list. I am hoping that we will be able to visit Richard’s new tomb. Yes, I am that confident the DNA results will confirm that they did, indeed, find Richard under that Leicester car park. I’d love to see him buried in his beloved city of York, at the magnificent York Minster. But it seems more likely that he will be buried at Leicester Cathedral, and I can see the fairness in that, for Leicester made it possible for the excavation to take place.

For those of my British and Australian readers who do not know, Macmillan made four of my books available as e-books in the UK and Down Under this past July: The Sunne in Splendour, Here Be Dragons, Falls the Shadow, and The Reckoning. When Christ and his Saints Slept will make its e-mail debut in the UK and Australia on February 14th and we hope that Time and Chance will become an e-book a few months later. Since Lionheart and Devil’s Brood are already available as e-books, that will mean all eight of my historical sagas will be on Sadly, my mysteries have not been invited to the party, but I am trying to think of a way to smuggle Justin and company in through a back door. Meanwhile, Justin gets to make a few cameo appearances in Ransom, as does his nemesis, Durand.
Signing off now, and wishing you all a better year in 2013 than we had in 2012. .

Sharon Kay Penman


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