Priscilla Royal and I are happy to announce that the first winner of the book giveaway for her newest mystery, Covenant with Hell, is Pat Yarbrough.   Priscilla is a generous soul and she decided to offer a second book since there were so many entrants.  The second lucky winner is Libby.    If you e-mail Priscilla at, she will make the arrangements to mail your signed copies of Covenant.    Here is a brief message from Priscilla:
“I am amazed and thrilled by the response to the drawing!  Thank you all for so many kind words. I hope Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas will bring some hours of reading pleasure.  And thank you, Sharon, for inviting me to your blog and all the years of reading delight you have given me with your wonderful books.”
*        *        *        *       *
I hope all of you who were under siege by the polar vortex have thawed out by now.   It was dramatic, inconvenient, and sometimes scary, sadly taking the lives of at least 15 people.  Naturally my furnace decided to stop working on the coldest day since 1878.    Thankfully, a furnace tech, my new knight in shining armor, was able to get it going again, and Wednesday he returned to make more permanent repairs.   While I was talking to him, Holly seized her chance to eat my vitamins, momentarily left untended.  Unfortunately, they included a medication that can be toxic to dogs.   So I had to spend time with the Pet Poison Hotline and they recommended I take Holly to my vet for monitoring because there was the risk of neurological or respiratory problems and seizures.    I am happy to report that Holly is just fine, the only damage being done to my frayed nerves and bank account.   She did not get away scot free, though, missing lunch, and for Holly, a missed meal falls into the “cruel and unusual punishment” category.
I have some exciting news, at least to me.   I will be doing an interview on my blog with Bernard Cornwell in the near future; his latest book in his wonderful Saxon series, The Pagan Lord, has just been published in the US on January 6th; it was already out in the UK and Down Under.    I highly recommend it, of course!
Lastly, I have more information about the March book tour for A King’s Ransom.   My publicist is still working on the itinerary, but at the moment, it looks as if I will definitely be going to Chester County Books in PA, the Barnes and Noble in Princeton, NJ, Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ, Murder by the Book in Houston, TX, and Nicola’s in Ann Arbor, MI.  There is also a good chance that I will be making appearances in Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area before flying to Tucson to attend their Festival of Books on March 15-16th.     I will put up details as I learn them.    I have enjoyed meeting Facebook friends on these tours and I am looking forward to this very much.
January 10. 2014

25 Responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…..”

  1. Jessica Says:

    So…..Boston? O:-)

  2. Bella Says:

    So happy for those that won! What a scare Holly must have give you but im so glad to hear she’s okay. I’ll be looking forward to hear more of your itinerary Sharon, although so far the bay area would be the closest to me. How awesome will it be to meet you in person! :) Stay safe and keep warm, and God bless you dear Sharon.

  3. Dorene Says:

    SEATTLE?!? I’m in Vancouver, but will gladly cross the border for this!! :-D

  4. Judith Says:

    Hope that some day soon you will come see us in Pittsburgh. Glad to hear Holly is okay. Have had the experience of my dog eating things she should not have, including an entire bag of chocolate bars meant for the little Halloween visitors and several cigars. Luckily she was okay too, but it is definatly a scary situation. Thank goodness for the Poison center hotline.

  5. Alan Mascall Says:

    Do you plan to come over to the UK this year?

  6. Kasia (Kate) Says:

    Congratulations to the happy winners (”Hooray!” for dear Libby).

    Sharon, I’m happy to read you are safe and sound! Big hug for Holly, too! My children are very unhappy and disappointed due to the lack of snow. Hopefully, the winter- if it comes- will be a mild one where I live.

  7. Kris Holtan Says:

    I do hope you will be able schedule a Seattle stop.. I would ove to meet you very much.. would also be able to sign books?

  8. skpenman Says:

    I was sent to Pittsburgh once, Judith, would love to go back. Sadly no one listens to the authors! Kris and Dorene, I think there is a good chance I’ll be in Seattle, though they have not decided on the store. I’ll let you all know as soon as I know more myself, which may be a while. These book tours are often unsettled till the final days. And yes, I’d be delighted to sign books, my older ones as well as Ransom. Alan, I hope to be in the UK in September for a second Richard III tour, though it is still in the planning stages.
    Bella, I wish they’d sent me to LA or your Santa Monica, but no such luck. I may have two days in the Bay Area, though, which would make me very happy. In the good old days, I got to go to CA on every book tour, but the Internet changed all that.

  9. libby Says:

    Thats wonderful news Sharon both about the book from Priscilla,
    but also about Holly, what a scare, glad she is better and all ok, not so great about the Vets bill or the Furnace. :’( We forget how relaint we are on the heating…until there is a problem :( hope the book Tour goes well, sadly it won’t be in the UK.

    thanks once again


  10. Steve Powell Says:

    It seems like this cold weather always brings out the worst in our mechanical devices, speaking as a car owner in the frozen wastes of Wisconsin where our high was minus 13 F. earlier this week. Glad to hear that Holly’s crisis is past. What rotten timing!! This is not the best time of year to visit the North Pole, but hope you can make it to Wisconsin some time.

  11. Jax Saunders Says:

    weird side note but does Holly steal food any time and place she can? My beloved Shakespeare was like that, stole anything he could to include boxes of macaroni and cheese from the cupboard when nothing else was available! He had a host of other small issues, flea allergy, nervous chewing… I found out mostly by accident when he was about 9 years old that he was allergic to corn! I moved him onto a lamb and rice diet and a WHOLE HOST of individually minor symptoms went away along with… his need to steal everything he could chew. He lost considerable amounts of his excess weight once he no longer ate compulsively as well. Just a though to share!

  12. Arthur Keneyd Says:

    Excellent site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find high quality
    writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate people like
    you! Take care!!

  13. Pauline Says:

    Looking forward to hearing from Bernard Cornwell. One of my faves.

  14. Joan Says:

    So, so looking forward to the interview with Bernard Cornwell!

  15. skpenman Says:

    I am, too. I love his books, especially the Saxon series!

  16. skpenman Says:

    Many of you may have heard of the current woes of New Jersey’s governor. He is mired in a political scandal that has been called—naturally—Bridgegate. His deputy chief of staff arranged for the closure of all but one lane of the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan, thus creating horrific traffic chaos, greatly inconveniencing thousands, damaging local businesses, and even endangering the public by slowing down first responders; one woman died waiting for an ambulance, although it has not been established that the delay was the direct cause of her death. The apparent motivation for this sabotage was political payback—to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, supposedly because he’d not endorsed Christie for re-election. Christie fired the aide and swears he had no knowledge of any of this. Barring the discovery of a smoking gun, I’m inclined to accept his denial. Whatever his other failings, no one has ever called him stupid and this was an incredibly stupid thing to do. But there is no doubt that Christie’s presidential hopes have been damaged by this, with his rivals—both Republican and Democrat—gleefully anticipating political commercials about Bridgegate. Comedians are having a field day, too. All of this exposition is to explain the following joke, sent to me by a friend, which I absolutely had to share. As soon as you read it, you’ll understand why:

    Is there such a thing as a Henry II defense? “I didn’t mean they should actually rid me of this meddlesome mayor!”

  17. Barb Says:

    I hold out hopeSharon, that you will make a stop in middle America. I would like to meet you, too!

  18. Joan Says:

    Good one! I think Henry started something. I’ve been following the story with interest.

  19. skpenman Says:

    Barb, I wish I could, too. But it looks as if the only Midwest stop on the tour is Ann Arbor, MI. Where do you live?

    Today’s Facebook note, better titled my Facebook Whine!

    So far I have not been enthralled with 2014. Loss of internet, phone, and cable service on New Year’s day, plus dead cell phone battery. Hunt for a public phone; better odds of finding a unicorn. Furnace breaking down on coldest day since 1878. Holly (suicidal spaniel) gobbling down my vitamins while I am talking to the furnace tech guy, also eating medication that can be toxic to dogs, resulting in call to Pet Poison Hotline and emergency vet visit. Dog is fine, bank account still bleeding. Furnace stops working again over the weekend. Electricity goes out this morning, discover cell phone battery is dead again, too. Still waiting for car charger for cell phone to arrive. Furnace tech is sent on to next job when there is no response to their phone call. I really wish there was someone or something I could blame for all this! In the past, I’d have pinned it on Demon Spawn giving off his usual evil vibes, but he went to computer hell last year.
    Anyway, here is something for my fellow Game of Thrones fans. The next season seems so far away, doesn’t it?

  20. Gabriele Says:

    The ghost of King John? :)

  21. Anne Says:

    I loved when you came to the Poisoned Pen last time (and being introduced to Diana Gabaldon and a new Outlander obsession was fun!) I’ll be there again and can’t wait, so glad you’re coming here again!

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