First of all, I’d like to announce the winner of the second Devil’s Brood book giveaway that I ran on the Richard and Ragusa blog.  The winner is Karen Johnson, and I will mail it to you, Karen, as soon as I get your address.   I will do a Lionheart book giveaway before the end of the year, so stay tuned.

I have updated my website, although my webmaster has not added the new material yet.  I will have a section for Lionheart interviews and reviews, which I will probably put up as a blog, too, to make it easier to find.  I’ve added to the writers I recommend, to my favorite websites and blogs, research recommendations, and my Medieval Mishaps.

The book tour was wonderful, if tiring, since I was in a different state each night.  I don’t have as much energy as I once had, especially now that I am what the French so delicately call “a woman of a certain age.”  But adrenalin can compensate for sleep, at least in the short run.    What I enjoyed the most was getting to see old friends in several cities and to meet so many of my Facebook friends.

At my first stop, the Chester County Books in Westchester, PA, I was delighted to have a brief reunion with several members of my Eleanor Tour, including Emilie, who flew in from Canada.  I’ve talked about how much I enjoyed that tour, but the best of it was that I came home with so many new friends.  Elizabeth Chadwick is doing a William Marshal tour next September and Margaret George will be doing a Tudor tour for Elizabeth and Henry VIII, and I hope they are half as lucky as I was, for I found 36 kindred spirits, and how rare is that?

From Westchester, I went to Cincinnati, home of one of my all-time favorite interviewers, Mark DeWitt of Cover to Cover, on WRRS-FM; if any of my readers live close enough to catch Mark’s show, I am so envious!   I also got to spend a little time with good friends I hadn’t seen in years, and that evening I had an event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, which is one of my favorite bookstores.   One of my readers drove all the way from Memphis, over eight hours, and when Michael Link, the manager of the store, heard that, he gallantly presented her with a tee-shirt for her loyalty.   The next day I was at Schuler Books in Lansing, Michigan, and had a very interesting discussion about animal rescue before the reading.  On Friday, October 7th, I was still in Michigan, but this time in Ann Arbor, home to another bookstore I love, Nicola’s Books.  Here I ran into the only glitch on the trip, when the hotel did not have room service in the afternoon.  Writers depend upon room service to keep us from starving when we are on the road, as meals are never scheduled as part of the itinerary, and it is not that unusual to have nothing to eat all day after an early morning, hurried breakfast.  Fortunately, I was meeting old friends before the reading, and so they swept in like the cavalry and took me off for a hasty, late lunch.  I live in a county that now has no full-service bookstores since Borders closed; we hadn’t had an independent bookstore here for over twenty years.   So when I am doing book tours, I find myself envying readers able to visit bookstores like Nicola’s any time they like; I hope you realize how lucky you are!   Ann Arbor is also where Tristan was given a toy that he loves almost as much as his stuffed duck; photo on Facebook for the curious.

When I said there’d been only one “glitch” on the tour, that wasn’t quite accurate.  There was actually a major snafu, thanks to Facebook.  It began in Philadelphia, when Facebook declared that it did not recognize my netbook, the same one I’d used in France and at home this summer.  I was told I needed to answer security questions to have my account unlocked.  I was willing to do that—until I saw what they were demanding, that I identify five pages of photographs of my Facebook friends.  Since I had close to 2,400 Facebook friends at the time, the vast majority of whom I’ve never met, I couldn’t have met that challenge with some personal help from Merlin.  To add insult to injury, Facebook’s alternative was a snarky comment that if I could not identify the photos, I should log on with a computer they could recognize.  If any of you heard a primal scream of frustration wafting across the country, now you know the source.  For four days, Facebook exiled me to Siberia, and then, suddenly and without explanation, they allowed me to access my account in Texas.  That lasted just one day, for as soon as I crossed into Arizona, I was back in purgatory again.  If you all will indulge a mini-rant, this photo identity idea is beyond stupid.   Many Facebook users “friend” people they have never met, especially for business purposes.  Moreover, I’d wager that some of us would have trouble identifying flesh-and-blood friends since many use photos of their children or pets as their Facebook I.D.   When I got home, I was not happy to discover that apparently there is no way to contact Facebook directly; their Help Center only offers forums, no phone numbers or e-mail addresses. It is like dealing with the C.I.A. M-5, or Mossad.   So short of hiring a plane to sky-write over Mark Zuckerberg’s mansion, I am not sure how to communicate my complaint.  Suggestions welcome.

Murder by the Book in Houston is a wonderful bookstore; I love to come there.  We had a good turnout, I got to meet several of my Facebook friends, and learned how Texans pronounce Palestine.  (I’ve always been interested in regional flavors; when I lived in the French Quarter years ago, my apartment was on Burgundy Street, which they pronounced with the accent on the second syllable.)   I can recommend a nice restaurant, too, that is not far from the bookstore, the Raven Grill, where I was able to have dinner with friends afterward; this free time was a rare treat, made possible by the fact that the reading was an afternoon event.

Returning to the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona is always like a homecoming.  While I was very sorry to miss seeing Barbara and Rob, the owners, who were out of the country, I was grateful to Diana Gabaldon for offering to host the event in their absence.  We had another long-distance reader for this signing, who flew in from Atlanta, saying that Diana and I were her two favorite authors and she wasn’t going to miss it.   I got to meet quite a few Facebook friends here, and because it was an afternoon signing, too, I had more time to chat with people afterward, which meant a lot to me.   Sadly, the reality of an ungodly early flight the next morning kept me for being able to have dinner with a friend; maybe next time, Christy?   But I was able to extract some information from Diana about her new book, The Scottish Prisoner, due out next month.  This is one in which Lord John will share star billing with Jamie, as it takes place in 1760.   For anyone who has not read Diana’s Outlander series, you’ve been missing a lot.  But on the other hand, you’ve been spared the interminable wait between her books, just as by coming so late to George R.R. Martin’s Ice and Fire party, I missed fuming and fidgeting for five years as his readers yearned for A Dance with Dragons to be published.    It is such a lovely feeling to discover a writer, become smitten, and then find out that this new love is a prolific one, with many backlist books waiting to be read.

The next day, I was in St Louis for a reading sponsored by Left Bank Books and the St Louis County Library.  Another very good turnout, and—drum roll here—new readers, people who confided to me afterward that they’d never read one of my books but were going to remedy that with Lionheart.  I also got to chat with several of my Facebook friends, which made the evening special for me. This was my first visit to St Louis, and of course I never got to see any of the city, but at least I got a glimpse of their famous arch and my hotel offered a dramatic view of the Mississippi.

I then got to come home for several days, and on Saturday, the 15th of October, the tour ended at one of Barnes and Noble’s flagships in Princeton, NJ.  This is a remarkable store, so well stocked and well organized.   Because it was an afternoon event and I arrived early, I had more time than usual to chat with the audience, so it was a perfect way to end the tour.  Again, I was taken aback by the distances some of my readers had come: a couple from Rhode Island, Facebook friends from Long Island and Staten Island, and one man all the way from Washington, DC.   That is such a huge compliment, and reassuring proof that there are still so many people who love to read, love books, and find history as fascinating as I do.

October 30, 2011.

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  2. Veronica Herzing Says:

    I loved the blog on the tour - alot of activity in a short amount of time. I have to say meeting you was the highlight of my birthday and my husband is very much more interested in your books after hearing your reading - so thank YOU for THAT, been trying to get him interested lol.

  3. skpenman Says:

    Veronica, I was so pleased that you were able to come to the reading, and I am delighted that we may have a possible convert in your husband! My publisher has always told me that my readers are unusual; the great majority of readers of historical fiction are women, but I’ve always had almost as many male readers, too.

  4. Malcolm Craig Says:

    Well done, Sharon - and Dr. John Phillips was not even along to look after your health. If you ever have a book tour that comes to Florida, or even Georgia, I will do my best to see that we meet again. The Borders in Tallahassee closed, of course, and I bought two medieval history books I will discuss on Facebook after I read them - nearly done with the one on Gerbert/Sylvester II. We still have B & N and Books A Million and several used book stores here. A friend told me that the Leon County Library bought two copies of Lionheart, and she has first reservation on one. Both are loaned out already. The popularity of your books appears to be growing apace - and very well deserved it is.

  5. Cel Jel Says:

    Thanks for sharing the book tour story. One would hope that meals would start be included, I wonder if perhaps some who organise the tours in Australia make that sort of allowance - but probably not. We would love to have you be able to visit our country.

  6. Koby Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed you tour, Sharon, and had only minimal problems. I already mentioned that yesterday, Henry VI [VII] returned to throne for his second period of kingship, this one lasting less than a year, and Henry VII [VIII] was crowned. But today, Robert Fitzroy, 1st Earl of Gloucester died, as did Leonora of England, Queen of Castile, Henry and Eleanor’s daughter. Lastly, happy Samhain/Halloween to all who celebrate.

  7. skpenman Says:

    Thanks, Malcolm. I’d love to go to Florida on my next book tour.
    Cel, meals are paid for by my publisher; it is just that they are not able to schedule them, so writers have to eat as catch-can. If is not unusual for a writer to go right from the airport to any media interviews that have been set up before checking in to the hotel, and then having to head out for the evening event. Publicists try to make it as easy as possible–at least the good ones do! But the whole point of a tour is to promote the book and so that comes first. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to visit Australia.
    Thanks, Koby, for reminding me of this! What would I do without you?

  8. Dave Says:


    I’ll try to catch up with you earlier, in your next book tour. You were probably wishing you had those welsh cakes a week or so earlier.


  9. Evelyne Coleman Says:

    What great blog on your tour. I really wanted to visit the poisoned pen in Arizona, but couldn’t afford the flight. I am thoroughly enjoying Lionheart and am half way through now. The next time you come to the Poisoned Pen my daughter wants to come from California so I may get to meet you in future.

  10. skpenman Says:

    I’ll be sure to let you know, Evelyne. I often am there between book tours, as the owner is a friend and they put on some interesting author events and conferences, etc. Coincidentally, I was just about to post news of a reading tomorrow at the Poisoned Pen; Priscilla Royal is giving a reading of her new medieval mystery, A Killing Season, which I highly recommend. Since a number of my readers live in that part of Arizona, I thought I’d let them know about the reading in case they can attend. Here are the details.

    Tuesday, November 1st at 2PM

    Priscilla Royal. A Killing Season

    Join us for a Medieval Mystery Tea by the author of A Killing Season (Poisoned Pen $25; trade paper $14.95), 8th in a series set in 13th Century East Anglia featuring Prioress Eleanor
    $5.00, No Registration Required

    “A spooky setup worthy of John Dickson Carr highlights Royal’s brilliant eighth mystery set in 13th-century England (after 2010’s Valley of Dry Bones). When a party of travelers that includes Brother Thomas and Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal arrives outside Baron Herbert’s isolated castle, which some call le chateau doux et dour (sweet and sour in French), Thomas witnesses a tragedy—the fatal fall of one of the baron’s sons, Gervase, from a high window. Inside, Thomas and Eleanor learn that Gervase’s death leaves Herbert with only two of his five sons and heirs alive: the eldest had died of a fever, and the third oldest drowned in what was deemed an accident. The excess of bad luck has led many castle residents to believe that the devil himself is responsible. While the murderer’s identity may surprise few, the rich atmosphere and well-drawn characters make this a superior historical.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

    Royal is a favorite of author Sharon Kay Penman and often likened to the late Ellis Peters in her work. Six of her eight medieval mysteries have received Starred Reviews.

    The Poisoned Pen Bookstore
    4014 N Goldwater Blvd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    480 947 2974 / 888 560 9919

    The Poisoned Pen Bookstore
    4014 N Goldwater Blvd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    480 947 2974 / 888 560 9919

  11. Christy K Robinson Says:

    Sharon, I’ve attended a fair number of book or CD signings, including Walter Cronkite long ago, but I’ve never seen the degree of kindness, genuine interest, humor, and graciousness that you exhibited. For those who brought them, you signed your entire portfolio, and had conversations with all. How lovely is that?? Though you must have endured some physical challenges with that grueling schedule, there was no hint of it in your demeanor.

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you! (Having just had my 53rd birthday, I’m not sure when that will be–but it’s an ambition.)

  12. Koby Says:

    And today, Philip II ‘Augustus’ of France was crowned (though he would not be senior king for almost another year).

  13. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    Koby, I’ve just only recently joined Sharon’s blog cpommunity:-) and I wonder why, when it comes to Henrys, you keep writing twp possible numbers? Am I right to guess you do so due to Henry the Young King?
    I am probably making a fool of myself by asking (it’s so obvious) but I want to know for sure.
    It is quite sad that he’s almost utterly forgotten by the posterity. Scarcely anyone remembers that he was crowned a king (even twice:-)), doesn’t matter that in his father’s lifetime.

  14. Susan Says:


    Susan here. My husband, Mike, and I saw you for the second time in Ann Arbor. You were also kind enough to give us some suggestions for our upcoming trip to the U.K. One of the hilights of our trip so far (we are still in London) was our visit to Swallow Falls. It was just breathtaking. I have some lovely pictures and will email you one when we get home next week. I thought you might be amused to know that every spare minute Mike gets he pulls out his Kindle to read ‘The Sunne in Splendor’. We had to come back to our hotel early tonight because he is at a “good part” and as I type he is lying beside me reading. Thank you for your lovely books.

  15. Emilie Laforge Says:

    Sharon, it was wonderful to see you at Chester County Books in Westchester and I will gladly fly down again for “A King’s Ransom”.

  16. Koby Says:

    Kate, you are indeed correct. I add in parentheses my reckoning of the Henrys. It seems preposterous to me that Edward V, who was never crowned, is counted, but Henry the Young King, who was crowned, should not be counted.
    Speaking of Edward V, today is his birth day. Five years later, Elizabeth Woodville gave birth to Anne of York, who would marry Thomas Howard. In addition, Matilda of Flanders, consort to William I the Conqueror died today, and Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, was executed for treason against Richard III.

  17. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Koby, I thought you might like to see what I made of your information above. Here is today’s Facebook Note. One of these days, you’ll have to reveal your sources. A Ouija board?

    This update comes courtesy of my all-knowing young friend Koby. November 2nd was a busy day, historically speaking. On this date in 1083, William the Conqueror’s queen, Matilda of Flanders died. On November 2nd, 1470, Elizabeth Woodville gave birth a long-awaited son, Edward; his birth was not auspicious, for his father was in exile and his mother in sanctuary. Sadly, if any had felt a sense of foreboding, it would prove justified, for whatever his fate, it was not what he deserved. And on November 2, 1483, the Duke of Buckingham did get what he deserved, beheaded for treason.

  18. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    By God’s eyes! If I had known I would have never asked Koby about those damned Henrys! What a faux pas! (I can almost see today’s headlines: ‘Henry the Young King ( God bless his soul) again in action!’ or the one by mysterious Merlin ‘After 800 years, once more, the lynx strives for destruction!’, or by William Newburgh (this one surely hits the point) ‘Reborn for Koby’s undoing’).
    I blame myself for my curiosity. I just wanted to make sure about Henrys. I forgot that the comments should be connected with the Lionheart tour. Easy to overlook when you live in Eastern Europe and have no chance of attending the meeting oneself. I would like to apologize. What for? I’m not sure? Perhaps for a desperate need of keeping in touch with somebody, anybody, who loves the Angevins. Such people are a rarity where I live. Can you imagine somebody who has never heard about Eleanor of Aquitaine? And I am surrounded by such ignorants. I wasn’t lucky enough to find someone interested (even my professors and fellow students found the Angevins not worthy enough- they knew the basics only.) My husband, a musician himself, is the only one patient enough to listen to my ‘lectures’ (although sometimes he seems not to follow:-)). I’m sorry Koby that my question has become the reason of your undoing.
    I guess it’s high time to say farewell to you all. It’s much safer with the dead only.
    P.S. Correct me if I’m wrong (cause it’s the first time I have joined a blog community) can we communicate with each other? Or are we supposed to address only the author of the blog?

  19. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    We don’t have rules here, Kate. Well, we’d prefer not too much praise of Edward I or the Tudors :-) Of course you can communicate with each other. But I think I’m missing something. How was your question the undoing of Koby?

  20. Koby Says:

    Indeed, I feel the need to join Sharon’s query. I am not aware that your questions proved my undoing, nor any of your comments. I am glad to edify people regarding my belief on the Henrys. In fact, it is all for the good; if someday I actually manage to drum up a petition to change the reckoning, the more people who know of it the better. In any case, Kate, there is no need to say farewell. Stay with us and continue to discuss things. Is that not the point of the internet - to find like minded people in place of the ignorants around you?
    Sharon, as for my sources, I’ve no problem with revealing them. The internet is a wonderful place. Although some chronicling mistakes have been preserved in it.

  21. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Here is today’s Facebook Note, a sad one.

    Some of you may be familiar of the story of Tara the elephant and Bella the dog who bonded at a sanctuary in Tennessee. Bella died last week, and the story is even sadder for Tara than we thought. It seems she came upon the body of her little pal, who’d been killed by coyotes, and carried her back to their barn. We know elephants grieve for their dead, so there is no doubt she is grieving for Bella.

  22. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    I actually have made a fool of myself. I felt guilty because I had misunderstood Sharon’s note (the new version of Koby’s note) or rather the introducion to it. You must forgive me my over-emotional approach. It seems that speaking a foreign language does not necessarly mean understanding the native speakers :-). I still keep tripping over some words.
    I guess I’ll stay:-). Too long have I felt ‘an island entire of itself’. I had never had enough time to join any blog. Now, as my children are a little bit older I can afford to spend some time not only in their company:-).
    When it comes to Edward I and Henry VIII I think they must have had much in common.

  23. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    You are too hard on yourself, Kate. We all misread something at one time or another. We’re glad to have you on board. I for one have admiration for people who are fluent in more than one language. I try to muddle through in French and Spanish, but no one would call me “fluent,” especially the French or the Spanish!

  24. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    I love learning languages. If I weren’t so lazy I would speak more than four:-). For a time being I can speak three apart from my mother tongue. Last year we attended a language course together with my husband. It was such a wonderful experience. At last we did something together (usually he ‘preaches’ about music, I about the Angevins or literature and one may get the impression that these are lectures rather than conversations).
    I would love to learn one of the Scandinavian languages. Swedish perhaps. Or Icelandic. The pronunciation seems pretty hard but I hope I will manage.

    I still can’t believe that such a great writer answers my comments. Thank you Sharon. Your words are going to provide me with the energy for the oncoming days:-).

  25. Koby Says:

    Indeed, Kate. I myself am rather confrontational - I once started a debate lasting over thirty posts in a forum over a minor detail, until I realized I was simply reading it the wrong way.
    Also, even with over 8 years of learning Talmud, Aramaic can still blindside me. Just today, I confused a text referring to Shem (biblical figure, Noah’s son) with God, which lead to a hilarious yet incredibly embarrassing misreading of a certain portion.

  26. Britta B. Says:

    Covering my eyes so I don’t see the new recommended authors and research info - my TBD list is busting its seams… ‘-) Thanx for taking us along your book tour this way!

  27. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    You are right, Koby. One or two words misiterpreted and the whole meaning is lost. That is why I keep saying that I could never marry a foreigner:-). No matter how good I am at the language it’s all too risky.

  28. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Thanks to Paul Halsall for posting this elsewhere:

    First came “1492: Conquest of Paradise”, and I didn’t speak out
    because I wasn’t (yet) a Latin Americanist. Then came “Braveheart”,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Medievalist. Then came
    “300″, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Classicist. Then came
    “Anonymous”, and I acted surprised because I obviously have zero
    pattern recognition.

  29. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    I haven’t seen the film yet but I’ve read the recommended article from The New York Times and, overlooking all the historical inaccuracies, is the film (as a film in its own right) really not worth seeing? I’m not asking those of you who stay loyal to Shakespeare, unshakeable and faithful (avid supporters like professor Stanley Wells for example), but those who take other possibilities into consideration:-)
    I’m not the supporter of ‘Edward de Vere theory’. If I were to choose who wrote under Shakespeare’s name Christopher Marlowe seems the most probable. The evidence introduced by A.D. Wraight appears quite convincing.
    Of course I do love Shakespeare’s (:-)) works and the genius responsible for their creation (no matter who he or she really was).

  30. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    By ’she’ I mean Aemilia Lanier, of course. She is also taken into consideration when it comes to the authorship.

  31. Ken Says:

    06 November 1282

    Luke de Tany in direct disobedience of the King’s orders and while the King was still at Conway, put his troops in motion. He crossed from Anglesey to the mainland over the newly built ‘bridge of boats’ with some 7 bannerets and 300 men at arms. When they had passed into the lower slopes of the mountain and were some distance from the bridge, and when the flood tide had come up so that they could not re-cross, because of the high water, the Welsh fell upon them from the mountains. Caught between the water and the Welsh, they preferred the water. Many were drowned, including de Tany, Lindsay and the younger Cliffard, son of Llewelyn ap Gruffudd’s prisoner at Hawarden. William le Latimer was saved by his horse. The battle came to be known as ‘Moel-Y Don.’

    Following this defeat for the English, Edward consolidated his position at Rhuddlan and my protagonist Sir Othon de Grandson retook control of Anglesey aided by John de Vescy. Within a month Llywelyn was treacherously lured to Cilmeri and killed.

  32. Koby Says:

    Today, Joanna of Castile, Queen of Spain, commonly known as Juana la Loca was born.

  33. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Here is today’s Facebook Noate, titled Dracula, Deadlines, and Dogs.

    How is that for alliteration? Today in 1431, Vlad the Impaler, aka the Prince of Wallachia was born; thanks to Nan Hawthorne’s Today in Medieval History for that bit of information. He is supposedly the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, though I admit I do not know how accurate the legend is. Wasn’t there a French lord in the 15th century who also claims that dubious distinction, Gilles de Rais? (Not sure about the spelling) I bet some of you can enlighten me; I learn the most amazing things from my readers.
    I will be only making sporadic appearances on Facebook and my blog for the month of November as I have two killer deadlines to meet. I’ve been given a plum writing assignment by NPR, which unfortunately MUST be done by the 28th. I am also working on a short story (don’t laugh, yes me) for the George R.R. Martin anthology, Dangerous Women, and that deadline is looming, too. And of course Richard is giving me grief over A King’s Ransom. Why he’d be in a hurry to continue his odyssey when it ends up with him in chains (yes, that surprised me, too) is beyond me, but the Angevins seem to get twitchy when they have to wait for anything, good or bad. So don’t read anything sinister into my silences. It just means I am toiling away like a worker bee.
    After talking about such unpleasant subjects as Vlad and deadlines, I want to end on a high note. Here is an amazing true story about how a good samaritan found a family’s belioved pet dog under circumstances that no writer would dare to invent.

  34. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    Good luck with the deadlines, Sharon. And with Richard. You’ve already done so much for him and his family that a little delay will be easily overlooked by His Majesty.
    I hope November will turn out to be a good month for me too. My brother-in-law is coming from Scotland to pay us a visit and he’s bringing some books for me. Among them Professor Crouch’s ‘Tournament’. I know I’m hopelessly far behind you all but some books are not available in the part of Europe where I live:-). Still, I’m going to happily indulge myself in the exploits of a tourney field together with Henry the Young King and his mesnie.

  35. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    I like David Crouch’s work, Kate. I think his biography of William Marshal is excellent. Have you tried Book Depository to find books you can’t get where you live? They will ship world-wide free of charge.

  36. Joan Szechtman Says:

    Kate, another online bookstore you might want to check out is BetterWorldBooks. They don’t always ship free, but their shipping is usually quite reasonable. (I was going to suggest The Book Depository also, but I see that Sharon has beat me to it.)

  37. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    Thank you for your clues. I’m very grateful to both of you. I have tried neither Book Depository nor BetterWorldBooks so far but I’m sure it is going to change soon:-).
    I’m full of admiration when it comes to David Crouch’s work. I’ve read his biography of William Marshal and cannot agree more that his research is thorough and impressive.

  38. Kirk Little Says:

    This is my first comment and I just wanted to say you are by far my favorite author. I grew up reading The Sunne In Splendour and it is still by far my favorite book I’ve ever read. It is also the only book I’ve read more than once, 3 times as a matter of fact. You inspired me to get involved with history. Especially the history of medieval Europe. Just finished reading The Lionheart and once again another masterpiece. I can’t wait for A King’s Ransom. Continue writing the masterpieces. No one else can come close to the unique writing style you have perfected.

  39. james watson Says:

    Here, here Kirk.I;ve Read Sunne About 4 times,….The loss of Edmund !, Even Johnny Neville Was Sad,Battles! Wow, Towton, St Albans…….Sharons Dicriptive-ways-Fantastic,….I even Read the Girlie-Bits?. Ha,Ha.

  40. Koby Says:

    And today, Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and husband to Margaret of York was born, as was Bridget of York, Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville’s daughter who became a nun.

  41. Kate (Kasia) Says:

    Your note has driven me into reflective mood, Koby:-). Such a sad fate of those high-born children whose parents had decided in their stead about their lives. There are numerous examples of those who had no calling at all and today are known either as the mothers and fathers of illegitimate children or entirely forgotten.

  42. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Today is Veteran’s Day in the US and Armistice Day in the UK; I’m not sure what it is called in Canada or Down Under? It seems a good time to post about a young Medal of Honor winner, Dakota Meyer, who’d risked his life trying to save fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. He wanted to join the New York City Fire Dept, but missed the deadline because of events he had to attend for the awarding of the medal. A judge wanted to extend the deadline for him, but when he learned the extension would apply only to him, he refused to accept it, saying he would wait the four years until the next application period. Dakota Meyer is my hero.

  43. Koby Says:

    And today, Fulk V of Anjou and I of Jerusalem, father to Geoffrey le Bel, died, and Louis VII of France married Adele of Champagne.

  44. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Most of you will have heard that there are now seven billion of us on planet earth. Well, a friend sent me this cool link, which allows you to find out what number you were at the time of your birth.

  45. Koby Says:

    Today,Henry III [IV] of England died.

  46. Sherill Roberts Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I read all the notes, hoping to find that you discovered a way to contact Facebook directly. I didn’t see anything. How is it going with Demon Spawn?

  47. pogoda Says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to seek out someone with some authentic ideas on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the internet, someone with somewhat originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

  48. Priscila Auther Says:

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