From Sharon

I wish I didn’t have to begin my very first blog with bad news–that we’ve had to cancel my book tour for Devil’s Brood.  The problems began in August when I was stricken with what I came to call my MM, my Mystery Malady, for despite an endless battery of tests, the doctors were unable to diagnose my illness.  I remained confident, though, that they’d be able to do so before the start of my book tour; for better or worse, I am a natural optimist.

     But in September, I added fever and chills to my list of symptoms, and I was forced to acknowledge a most unwelcome truth–that I was not going to be physically able to do the tour.  My publishers were very understanding, although I knew they were disappointed.  I certainly was.

     I did not have much time to deal with my disappointment, however.  After an urgent call from my doctor, I found myself in the hospital; a blood test had indicated the presence of bacteria in my blood.  Now this naturally made me think of septicemia, the illness that probably caused the death of Henry II.   I’ve always been known for identifying closely with my characters.  But even I thought this was going a bit too far!

     As it happened, I was much luckier than Henry.  The blood test was inaccurate and I did not have septicemia.  While I was in the hospital, however, the doctors finally determined what was wrong with me.  It is an idiopathic ailment, medical-speak for not knowing the cause.  Fortunately, though, it is quite treatable.  Just not in time for the book tour.

     I’ve been out of the hospital for more than two weeks, feeling much better and very thankful that I live in the twenty-first century, not the twelfth.  I’ve often thought about this when I’ve been researching one of my books.  A simple scratch could be a death sentence if it became infected.  In Devil’s Brood, Henry tells William Marshal that his pain started in his heel, spread to his legs, and “now my whole body is afire.”  By then he had just two days to live. 

     Of course it can be argued that it was his son John’s betrayal which delivered the true death blow.  There is no doubt, though, that Henry’s physical suffering in the last weeks of his life was intense.   His confession of pain to Will Marshal is an actual quote from the biography written soon after Will’s death, the Histoire de Guillaume Marshal, a treasure-trove of medieval riches that is finally available in an English translation.

     In my Author’s Note, I promised a further discussion about the tangled relationships of the Angevins.  My unexpected illness has played havoc with my timetable, but I still intend to follow through on this.  And I’d be happy to respond to any specific questions you all may have about this most dysfunctional of families.  I will also be posting a list of medieval research books as promised.  And now that I am finally on the mend, I will be working on Lionheart, with an eye toward a publication date in 2011.  For those of you who may not have read my Author’s Note for Devil’s Brood, I am continuing the story of Eleanor, her sons Richard and John, and her daughter Joanna—as well as the man who’d become Richard’s most bitter foe, the French king Philippe Auguste, Geoffrey’s widow Constance, Duchess of Brittany, and a fascinating cast of characters involved in the Third Crusade.

     It is my understanding that blogs are free-floating, driven by impulse at times, a more personal means of communication which is also interactive.  I find that very appealing, am looking forward to future blogs about the Middle Ages, but also about books and films and family pets and the scary state of our world today.  And above all, I am looking forward to feedback from you, my readers, who share my love of reading and my passion for the past.

     I’d planned to end the blog with the above paragraph, but I got good news from my publisher yesterday, too good not to share.  Devil’s Brood is #16 on the New York Times bestseller list.  Naturally I was very excited, but Henry and Eleanor took it quite calmly, as their just due.

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84 Responses to “From Sharon”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Sharon -
    I was wondering if you could recommend any resources that might explain medieval ailments in modern terms. (For instance, is the famed ’sweating sickness’ comparable to any modern diseases?) Your comment that Henry II died of septicimia sounds right on to me, but how did you arrive at that conclusion?
    Love your work - I’ve read every word.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Congratulations and may you climb higher as that number on the New York Times gets lower!!!! It’s great to have you, and our favorite dysfunctional family, back.

  3. Sharon K Penman Says:

    Hi, Jeanne,
    That is an interesting question. This is a challenge for historians and novelists alike. We can be reasonably certain about the modern names for some medieval diseases. For example, spotted fever was typhoid fever, and consumption was tuberculosis, and the joint evil is obviously arthritis. The bloody flux is dysentery, one of the most deadly diseases of the MA. A major character in Devil’s Brood died of dysentery; actually of dehydration due to dysentery, which are the symptoms I describe. I have come across various suggestions for the sweating sickness, but I don’t think there is any consensus as to what it was. During the Third Crusade, both Richard I and the French king Philippe became gravely ill at the siege of Acre, with what one chronicler called “Arnaldia.” What was it? Who knows? Some historians think it was a malarial fever of some sort; others suggest scurvy. All we know is that it caused its victims to lose their hair and nails. The French king went bald and remained so for the rest of his life. Richard was luckier; either he did not lose all of his hair or it grew back, but he was ill enough to have to command the siege from a litter. Richard’s health was surprisingly fragile for such a celebrated soldier; he apparently suffered from recurrent bouts of malaria for most of his adult life.
    As for Henry II, it has been suggested that he actually died of blood poisoning (septicemia) and his words to Will Marshal seem to support that conclusion. He had other health problems as well, what one chronicler described as “an abscess of the groin,” translated by some historians as an “anal fistula.” And he was periodically troubled by a leg injury dating from 1174 when he was kicked in the thigh by a horse. I researched his symptoms and concluded that he suffered from chronic osteomyelitis.
    If I can think of any more medieval-modern ailments, I’ll send them along. Writing historical fiction is a form of detective work in many respects. Searching for elusive answers can be frustrating at times, but it can also be fun.

  4. Daphne Says:

    I am very sorry to hear that your book tour will have to be cancelled but your health is more important and I hope you are feeling better soon. Here Be Dragons is one of my favorite all time books and I really enjoyed Devil’s Brood as well. I’m looking forward to your next project.

  5. Sue Says:

    Very disappointed there is no book tour, but now I will go out and get the book. Hope you get well quickly, and see you next time. Congrats on the NY Times list. May it climb even higher!

    And I agree with Daphne. Here Be Dragons is definitely my all time favorite!

  6. Sandi Thompson Says:

    I was thrilled to see the new book on the shelf as I walked in the door to the Barnes and Noble this morning. I have been anxiously awaiting your next book. I read a number of authors, but very few write the tomes like yours that I love to read. I can’t wait to start on the next chapter of the lives of Eleanor and Henry. In 2002, we lived in Bristol, England for a year. During that time, we were able to take a tour in France. Fontenvaud was on of my favorite stops. There they were. I have read everything you have written to date. I am glad to hear that they are able to treat your illness, and pray that you will be your old self again soon. Congratulations on the NY Times list. I am sure it will climb up the list.

  7. Mieke Haveman Says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better. I have loved your books for many years now and have gotten some of my friends addicted on them. Devil’s brood will be in my next order from There is no english edition yet, I think. But I am looking forward to it very much.

  8. Mimi Says:

    Congratulations on being #16 and I’m glad you didn’t identify too much with Henry II.

  9. Marg Says:

    Congrats on such a strong showing on the NYT booklist, and I look forward to reading your future blog posts!

  10. Meghan Says:

    You have been one of my favorite historical novelists since I opened Here Be Dragons for the first time and I’m thrilled that the rest of the world is catching on! I loved Devil’s Brood (review here: and you can bet I’ll be first in line for the continuing struggles of Eleanor and her family. I can’t wait to see what you make of the third crusade in particular; just imagining Richard and Philip attempting to “work together”, not to mention the actual events of the crusade, will make for terrific fiction.

    I’m glad that you are being treated for your illness and I hope you feel much better soon!

  11. Leigh Says:

    Hi Sharon
    Very much enjoying Devil’s Brood and happy that were able to deliver to the UK (I couldn’t wait until February!). Sorry to hear of your continuing illness and very much looking forward to Lionheart!

  12. Amy Says:

    Sharon - Congratulations on Devil’s Brood making it to #16 - that is awesome! I am still reading it and loving every minute - you are truly an amazing author and I am so glad to have found your books. I’ve read them all with the exception of your mysteries, but they are on my shelf just waiting for me.

    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better, even though you had to miss your book tour. After spending all that time with Henry and Eleanor and their kids anyone would need a rest!

  13. Linda Says:

    Add me to the very long list of your fans. Having finished Devil’s Brood last night, I have now read every one of your books, including the mysteries. I’ve loved them all, and they are still on the shelf so I can re-read them. It is hard to choose a favorite — they were all so enjoyable.

    The Sunne in Splendour completely changed my earlier opinion of Richard III, I’m now a fan and a defender, so disgusted with Shakespeare and his inaccurate (to put it mildly) depiction of Richard.

    I’m excited about your next book, hoping your health allows you to devote much energy and time toward its completion.

  14. MLS859 Says:

    Sharon, I “discovered” your work because I was told that the ultimate novel about Richard III was THE SUNNE IN SPLENDOUR — and I agree — it certainly is! I have all of your other books — including the new one — but haven’t jumped in yet — but they are definitely on my TBR list!!

  15. Sharon Kay Penman Says:

    Hi, Meghan,
    I love your website. I am in the process of adding more book-centric websites to my Links page. Is it okay if I add yours?
    You live in my favorite English city, lucky girl. York is a visual delight, the next best thing to time travel. I moved there in 1978 to research Sunne in Splendour and rented a flat on George Street, near the Walmgate. I still remember walking through the medieval Shambles at Sunday twilight and suddenly hearing the bells of the Minster begin to chime. I half expected to turn a corner and run into Richard!
    PS Thank you for the lovely review, too. It is fascinating the way internet reviews have overtaken the print media reviews in terms of influence and reaching wider audiences.

  16. Joelle Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I am so sorry to learn your health is playing havoc with you and I really hope you’ll get better soon. I just wanted to thank you for all the hours of delight I spent reading your books and with you new book out (that is patiently waiting for me on my shelves !), I started to reread the complete lot, beginning with Christ and his Saints slept :)

  17. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Hope you are feeling quite well. I feel as if I have been waiting for Devil’s Brood for eons! Currently in the middle of it, and don’t want to put it down. I have asked you this before, but seeing as the new book is #16, is there a chance that one day a movie could come about? Oh to see the characters brought to life…..but dream???? Imagine the possibilties…….

  18. Paula Says:

    I just finished Devil’s Brood, happily curled up by the fireplace. The Plantagenets were such an interesting family, thank you for breathing such life into them. Your books were what initially got me interested in medieval history, and I got a degree because of that curiosity that you inspired. I still remember walking into that bookstore, and picking up my first book of yours, Here Be Dragons. So glad to hear you are on the mend!

  19. Megan Says:

    I am SO glad Devil’s Brood is here!! I am a graduate student right now, working on my thesis on Eleanor, and I am dying to read this latest work. Research keeps me busy, but I keep the book on my desk as a motivator to get to a point where I can read for my own pleasure. Here Be Dragons is my absolute favorite, but I love all your works tremendously!! You are the author that introduced me to this period and the Plantagenets have been my obsession every since! Thanks for all the great reads and hard work and for starting me off on my career path!! I’m excited I will be able to eventually teach the material I love!

    Also, thrilled to hear about your next project. Joanna is my favorite of Eleanor and Henry’s daughters!

  20. Sherri Says:

    Sharon -

    I’m glad that you are feeling better, and I hope that you continue to stay in good health (knowing the battles that you have fought throughout the years from your author’s note on your website).

    I haven’t finished Devil’s Brood yet - I am savoring it. And…I was delighted to read that you are continuing with a new book on Richard. For some reason, I thought Devil’s Brood was the last of your historical fiction novels - not sure how or why I had that belief. So…reading that you will continue writing is very exciting news for me and your other fans!

  21. Carrie Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for the wonderful new website and blog!

  22. Monica Says:

    Hi Sharon …
    So glad that your feeling better…Devils Brood is fantastic! …I have been a fan for many years & am finding it very difficult to choose just one favorite. But if forced, it would have to be “Here be Dragons”. Although the mysteries are so much fun also!
    I was born & raised in New Jersey and am now living in mid-coast Maine. Our winters here are beautiful (but long!) and I’ve been thinking that a re-reading of the trilogy might be just the thing to get me through.
    Another favorite historical fiction author is Margaret George (Mary, QUEEN of Scots, Henry the VIII, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, etc.).
    Thanks so much for sharing your great talent with us all!

  23. Taylor Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I wanted to write you and let you know that I just finished Devil’s Brood! It was quite wonderful, if not a little depressing (why is it that I am such a sucker for happy endings? This certainly wasn’t one!). I have to say that when I finished the book, I was almost more excited to read the Author’s Note than the book itself! My education is in history, and I’ve always been so impressed with your reasoning for the paths that you take in your novels. You strike me as having the reason of a historian. I was THRILLED that you wrote such a detailed AN, and that you were planning on putting more up on your site, so I can’t wait to see what other gems you have for us all.

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly, but I’m terribly thrilled that you finally know why. I can imagine that was the most frustrating part of it all…

    Thank you Sharon, for another magnificent book! I’m already excited about Lionheart!

  24. Steve Says:

    Ms. Penman,

    Thank you for a very entertaining read. I was beginning to despair in the interim since Time and Chance that it would ever be finished, but it was worth the wait.

    I came looking for the additional detail promised in the authors note, and learned of your recent illness. My best wishes on a quick and full recovery. Please do finish the detailed authors note for us as you are able. I never knew much of Geoffrey either, and would be interested in learning more as well as in your perspective, which I find q

  25. David Hayes Says:


    Just finished Devil’s Brood - another tour de force. Congratulations. I did miss my Welsh fix this time though (as much as I enjoy Ranulf and family, it’s the real characters that drive my obsession) and it sounds like I may well miss it again with Lionheart. No matter, I’m sure you’ll revisit those folk going forward. It will be interesting to see how you weave Lionheart around Dragons given the time overlap I assume must be addressed. I’m also curious about how current political drama will impact your ability to research the vast swaths of Lionheart that take place in the Holy land.

    Anxiously awaiting 2011.

  26. Marilyn Bauer Says:

    Dear Sharon: I can’t tell you how much I love your books. Sunne in Splendour is my favorite, but they are all wonderful. I’m going out tomorrow and buying at least two copies of Devil’s Brood. I’m so excited and looking forward to reading it. I have just found out recently that those people are my ancestors - Henry and Eleanor are my 24th g-grandparents. Thank you so much for making all these historical characters so real. I will treasure your books and read them again and again.

  27. Angela Taylor Says:

    Dear Sharon,

    I have just finished “Devil’s Brood” and though it took me a little longer to get into it than the first 2 books of the trilogy (probably because of the long break between books), I thoroughly enjoyed it. The description of Hal’s, Geoffrey’s and Henry’s deaths were all extremely moving and I love the side story of Will Marshal.

    My favorite part is your author’s note and I keep referring back to it while reading the book. I also check as many online sources as I can to compare what they say. In your author’s note you mentioned that you would post additional musings and I’m wondering if that will be in your blog or in a separate section. You mentioned that y’ldiscuss the obvious cause of death for Hal - but I assume you mean the dehydration due to dysentery - is this correct?

    I would love to know your guidelines for creating medieval dialogue because some of it sounded positively modern - including the use of the word “butt”.
    I also wondered why you only mentioned 2 of Henry’s illegitimate children. Besides Geoff, was there not William de Longspee and a boy called Morgan?

    I also wondered why you dismissed the accounts of “blood flowing from the nostrils” of the dead king when Richard visited his body. it’s mentioned very briefly in a conversation between Richard and Eleanor and quickly discounted. There are at least two compelling accounts written at the time about this happening and one was quite detailed about how they had to wipe the drops of blood off his face. I’m sure that something like that could feasibly have happened.

    I hope your health will get better and I look forward to the next book.

  28. Priti Says:

    Sharon, Your books have brought me a great deal of pleasure. I live in the Middle East and have all your books. I am a history buff. And have collected over 3,700 books ( I had to count them as I have been relocated 11 times all around the world)
    There are no libraries here and books are hard to come by. I usually snap them up at the local store or order via Amazon, Albris.
    I read in one of the books on Richard 1 that he may have suffered from stress related Alopecia (sp?)
    Thank you for your books and for the magic!

  29. Heather (Riverside, CA) Says:

    Dear Sharon, Thank you! I also just finished Devil’s Brood last night and one of the first things I did this morning was to look in your blog for the details promised in the Author’s Note about Henry’s ailment(s). I read Sunne in Splendour about 15 years ago; Falls the Shadow and the Reckoning, strangely, sat on my bookshelf unread until this past summer. Unaware that they were in fact part of a trilogy, I read them out of order (2, 3, then 1) but I didn’t feel as though I suffered much from it. :D

    I also have a degree in History, though my concentration was in Anglo-Saxon England - pre-Conquest; however your novels have engendered a new and unexpected interest in later medieval periods. And like others above, I have been really pleased and impressed with your approach from the *human* side of research, something that, in my experience, has been shied away from in professional circles. I’ve also been very impressed with your use of original sources (which historian wouldn’t be), although of course how could you properly conduct this sort of research without them. The only thing I found lacking in your books is a bibliography - not for use as historians use them, in providing support for their arguments, but as a reference for those of us who are a) curious about what you relied upon, and b) possibly interested in reading them. I know that you often cite chronicles in the body of your works, however unless one has a Post-It note to hand, it is hard to remember as one gets caught up in the story. At least there is this website, where you can share that information.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Great work! Looking forward to perusing the blog more and reading your next book.

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  38. John Crispell Says:

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  47. Sherri Says:

    Sharon, you are my favorite author and I love all your books. I rad them as soon as they come out and can’t for the next one. I was so fascinated with the Wales and English conflicts that we planned a vacation around visiting the ruins of many of the castles in the books. It was one of my favorite trips. Thank you!

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